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SportQuest Snow Sports Academy

Ski Lessons

SportQuest Snow Sports Academy

Snowboard Lessons

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Instructions for New Students


Ski Fun Start
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Ski Beginner
SportQuest Ski Beginner From $100.00
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Snowboarding Ability Levels

Before we begin, we have to first determine your ability level as a snowboarder. We break down students into four ability levels based on their skills, confidence and how well they ride. 

Figuring out your ability level is a key part of how we teach here at Sport Quest. This helps our instructors group students with similar ability levels and makes sure that everyone gets the most out of their lessons.

By charting a proper learning progression for our riders, we ensure that our students do not miss out on any fundamentals skills.

Start your Snowboard journey with SportQuest Snow Academy by figuring out what level of rider you are!

Ability Level

1.  Snowboard Fun Start

  • I have never Snowboarded Before
  • Learn about Safety
  • Learn Basic Snowboard Stances and Mobility
  • Determine Fakie or Regular Stance
  • Walking and Stroking with Snowboard Attached
  • Gliding on the Snow


2. Snowboard Beginner

  • Can Ride Magic Carpet and Chairlift Safely
  • Learn Heel and Toe Edging
  • Falling Leaf
  • Learn to Stop and Control Directions
  • Can Ride on Green Slopes Comfortably

3. Snowboard Intermediate

  • Can Control Speed
  • Able to Link Skidded Turns Easily
  • Able to Link Turns on most Green and Blue Runs
  • Build Confidence and Refine Turning Skills

4. Snowboard Advanced

  • Able to Carve Turns on Intermediate Terrain
  • Basic Riding in Terrain Parks
  • Develop Short Radius Carved Turns
  • Learn to Ride Easy Moguls
  • Learn more Freestyle Tricks
  • Start to Refine Style and Technique

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