SportQuest Snow Academy

Our story begins in the early 1990s when an passionate group of inline skaters were exploring advances in the inline skating in Japan. After some fun sake soaked meals, our Japanese business partners insisted to introduce us to the wondrous world of winter sports. So of course we gave it a go.

The similarities between Skating and Inline Skating meant that we took to the sport like arctic foxes to cold. The fact that there are lifts to carry us up and gravity to help us go down was also very welcome. And for some of us, our vain side produced countless Winter Fashion Shows.

The initial adventures into the winter sport experience soon developed into a quest to see how far we could push ourselves. One thing led to another, and our recurring seasons spent on the mountains soon led to us getting qualified as Ski Instructors (no easy feat for us tropicasians) and deciding to start promoting, teaching and organizing Winter Sports Activities from our home base Singapore.

And so SportQuest was set up in 2008 by Emeline Tan (one of the most experienced and qualified inline instructor in Singapore) and a group of Instructors. Throughout the years, we had the pleasure of meeting very amazing Skiiers and Snowboarders and organizing really cool programs with them. Some of the highlights include our own Winter Olympics, hosting guest instructors, Heli(copter) Skiing and social tours to spread the fun of Snow Sports to as many people as possible.
We like to think that our experience and fun loving nature makes us the perfect people to help you prepare for your winter sports experience. Since then we have expanded our offerings to include related activities like Snow Skating and our first love - inline skating. 
Whether it is learning to ride, or planning one-of-a-kind active itineraries or helping like minded fanatics connect, SportQuest has something for you. So feel free to contact us if you want to experience fun adventures that are not so usual.