Here is an outline of our Snow Academy Snowboard programs...


Step 1: Snowboard Fun Start

An Introduction session to expose participants to cold (winter conditions), stepping/walking on snow. We begin with the fundamental of snowboarding, safety and recovery from falling on your snowboard, balance and mobility, and finally sliding and gliding on your snowboard.

Step 2: Beginner (Green Course)

The most important course to help participants set a strong foundation and get the basics right. Upon completion this course, participants can snowboard in all green course in all resorts worldwide.

Step 3: Intermediate (Blue course)

The real snowboarding starts here!! This course will enable participants to start negotiating the green and blue slopes on their snowboard. Acquire these skills and begin to enjoy real powder snow and the adrenaline rush! Students will now be able to be able to truly enjoy most of the resorts.

Step 4: Advanced (Black course)

You can now truly call yourself a snowboarder! In this course, participants will progress into carving on your snowboard! Skiers will look forward to snowboarding everyda developing their short radius carve turns and improving techniques everyday with a smile from within!


As you can see by different progression levels, our program wastes no time in getting you physically and mentally fit to ski properly. SportQuest snowboard courses are specially designed to help anyone who has never been to a ski resort nor spent many winter seasons get on track as soon as possible in a safe and fun methodology.