SportQuest Team

All of SportQuest's staff are experienced and qualified sports personnel from a diverse range of background. What we all share in common is a desire to help people learn and enjoy sports, a passion to share the active lifestyle, plus a love of riding and skating that is absolutely contagious. 

Emeline Tan

Emeline is the founder of SportQuest who is very well established in the Snow and Inline Skating Industry in Singapore. Her cheerful good humor and absolute passion for teaching definitely comes through during lessons. As an inline skating examiner, she certifies instructors and many in the global skating scene trace their lineage through her. She fell in love with inline skating's sister sport in 2002 and went on to pursue advanced ski and snowboard instructor courses in Canada. As an experienced instructor, Emeline has taught them all - from ministers and celebrities to her favorite cutie preschoolers. She believe that anyone can be taught to love sports if given the right guidance.

Park Chul

Park, the head coach of SportQuest, is a well rounded sportsman who excels at many Sports. Born and raised in Korea, Park graduated with a degree in XXX before coming to Singapore to teach skiing. It was during his time in Singapore that he met his future wife Emeline Tan that this high-energy couple keep promoting the active sports lifestyle! Since then, Park has obtained multiple coaching certifications such as Korean Ski Instructor. His years of experience really come through in his coaching, whether you are learning to carve powder, rush the hills or cycle the mountain roads, with Park you might just have the best adventure ever